A Javascript SubRip parser.

Srt.js is a simple JavaScript parser for SubRip(.srt) files. You can easily parse a .srt subtitle file in the client side or in the server side using Node.js.

I created it because I had a very bad experience in shifting subtitle files when I started to watch Shameless. Many subtitle files I found on the Internet are not sync with the shows. I can hardly find any simple software in mac to edit the subtitle files. I found a Python library called Pysrt though. It worked nice except that I had to write some lines if I want to shift multiple subtitles. Therefore I created this JavaScript .srt file parser so that it can be ran in the browser without setting any backend server.

I have a demo website for uploading and shifting. There is no server-side code at all.

For more information, please view the Github repo or npm package page.


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