A restaurant review website


Xunwei (寻味) is the first project of Xunwei Co., which I co-founded with my friends in New York. The primary function of the website is to solve the problem that tourists, international students and other relevant people from China can hardly get useful information from website such as Yelp or FourSquare, partly because of the different food culture and partly because of language differences. Therefore we built the website to help them to explore, to share, and to collect their favorite restaurants in the United States.

Xun-wei website

I was responsible for developing the full stack implementation of the website, including database modeling, front-end design and building, back-end developing, deployment and testing. This is also my first Django project. Up to December 2014, the website has around 1000 UV per day.


Software Engineer at Yahoo!


Full Stack Engineer at Prosper Marketplace


Front End Engineer at BillGuard (Acquired by Prosper)