A lease car mileage tracker app


Leastimator is a simple app that helps you the track the mileage of your leased car.

The app provides an elegant line chart to help you avoid going over mileage limit by adjusting your driving. It also shows a predicted mileage you will reach through an unique algorithm model.

To begin with, just enter lease duration, lease start date, mileage allowed, etc to create your first car profile.

Note: the predicted mileage is calculated based on your periodic odometer readings and might not be the actual mileage when your lease ends.

Why I built it

More than 30% BMW sales is completed by leasing. Yet there is no a simple app for the owners to track their mileage so that they have a clear concept on how many miles they are going to reach after the lease ends. Even though they can just read the odometer and get the result by tapping the calculator, it is definitely an intuitive way. That’s why I built Leastimator, to solve this problem.

The app is built with React Native.

prototype design (using Sketch 3):

prototype design of leastimator

Real App Screenshots


The app has been released and sale for $1.99. Please purchase to support.

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