Building a technical analysis platform
July 31, 2015

From March 2015 the Chinese stock markets is becoming so hot that it felt like everybody can make money by staring at stock screens. The SS index raised from around 3000 to almost 5000. At that time, I happened to have a constructive dinner with Richard, who is one of my good friends at NYU. He shared with me a lot about how he can make $300 per day by investing ETFs and stocks. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, so I know it requires professional information in the investment, although these days even old mama can play with them. I asked Richard based on what did he make the buy/sell decision, and he couldn’t tell me. The second minute I read an article about how the author made a very good backtesting based on a double moving-average strategy. I decided to start my own stock price analysis platform.

I want to learn this author’s idea about his strategy, but I don’t want to limit myself to only one strategy. I know this is just a game of chance. Therefore I planed to collect as many strategies as I can, and then use computers to calculate their returns and find the best one.

I created four systems and gave them proper names to make it meaningful: