Changes and Plans
June 2, 2022

This blog is basically a wasteland since my last writing on 2018 where the world was in a regular shape (no crazy warload or pandemic). I recently spent a few hours and update the layout and made it looks like a bit geeky vibe. I found myself reluctant to share as I used to be, which was a good habit actually. So I am making some changes.

I am not sure what the changes are at this moment. More writing and sharing? Probably.

One thing that came up and has been haunting me since was to write a book, or at least create a series of articles, about YouTube’s Recommendation system, which I am currently spend the majority of my life working on. There might be policy/confidentiality issues, for sure. So I am trying to see if there are any ways to bypass it, such as, only talk about public information where everybody can find from YouTube’s engineering blog or some tech medias. But I also want to take a deep dive if possible. I might also need to consult with the legal team and see if something like this is allowed or not. People at YouTube take this very seriously.

Assuming everything is cleared out of the way, I would consider this as an opportunity to sum up my work, achivement, and learnings about the essence of the YouTube, the Recommender system. It will answer the very basic question a lot of people don’t know and want to learn, such as why and how one watches a video and suddenly the YouTube knows their interests and recommends so many other similar videos?