WordMark is not just a update of the WordMark 1.x, which was a Markdown editor only for WordPress writers. Besides some improvements to the performance and UI design, I basically re-wrote the entire app using a new framework.

The new WordMark, is a light weight markdown editor for Mac/Windows/Linux.

The new framework is the essence of many of my explorations and thoughts in many real world projects such as WordMark 1.x, Chuansongmen React-native app, Ziyue.io, and Xun-wei, originally breed from Redux and yet became totally different from it in the following development. I will explain and discuss the feasible framework in my latest post.

WordMark is my first powerful and yet lightweight desktop software developed using Javascript. Thanks to Electron (also known as Atom shell), it runs seamlessly on multiple platforms including OS X, Ubuntu and Windows. The user can create, edit and delete Markdown files using WordMark, and can publish the post to multiple platforms such as WordPress, Medium, Ghost, Blogger, Github, and so on. It not only inherit some best features of WordMark 1.x, but also add some very useful features.

For the publishing feature, I developed a set of following SDKs myself: Wordpress, Medium, Ghost, Imgur, AWS, Flickr, Qiniu, etc.

I have learned and applied some cool features from iA writer 3, Byword, Caret, Mou, MacDown, Sublime Text 3, and so many other awesome tools. The application is designed, written and marketed all by myself.

Some cool features:

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